Advancing land and food sovereignty, by us, for us.


Collective Leadership

NEFOC’s Co-Coordinators bring their diverse skill sets in Cooperative Development, Climate Justice, Food and Land Sovereignty, and more to build the land trust with clarity of focus and intentionality.


Çaca Yvaire



Yuk’hiti Ishak, Kréyol La Lwizyàn

Sovereign poet, designer, tracker. Sharp and coastal sensibilities applied to systems of climate migration, wild law, environmental security, and more-than-human personhood. Developing strategies for critical planetary action here.



Stephanie Morningstar



Oneida, Turtle Clan

Herbalist, scholar, student, and Earth Worker dedicated to decolonizing and liberating minds, hearts, and land- one plant, person, ecosystem, and non-human being at a time. Stephanie grows medicines and food, teaches in her community, and is always learning. She is the founder of Sky World Apothecary & Farm.


Interim Council

Our hard working Interim Council was elected in January 2019 and is tasked with supporting the Co-Coordinators as they build the framework and foundation of the land trust, a task that would not be possible without their dedication and commitment.


Nia Holley

Keely Curliss

Carmen Mouzon

Larisa Jacobson

Christine Hutchinson

Ulum Pixan Athohil Suk’il (Bird Spirit)

Neftali Duran

Diana Warwin

Elizabeth O’Gilvie


Respect & Gratitude

Deepest gratitude to Soul Fire Farm Institute, our fiscal sponsor and envisioner, for providing the container to make our ancestors’ collective and wildest dreams come true. This work wouldn’t exist without the hard work and dedication of Leah Penniman & Jonah Vitale-Wolff of Soul Fire Farm.